How Can Technology Inform City Shaping?

Last week we attended an eye-opening conference at the NLA, urban utopia feels closer than ever! In the words of Cedric Price, “technology is the answer but what was the question?” We know how tech can shape our city, the question is, will it? Inefficient data collection is a huge barrier. In the past two years, we have produced more data than …

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Summer at Zetter Townhouse

Boozy ice creams I hear you say? It can only be a new summer offering from the Zetter Townhouse, one of the most pioneering hotel and bar combinations in Midtown. The owners of The Zetter Group, Michael Benyan, Mark Sainsbury and Jason Catifeoglou, are used to blazing a trail. They were one of the first …

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Going wild is good for business

  Sustainability has long been at the heart of what we do. To date, Bee Midtown has worked with local businesses to establish nine sites with either rooftop beehives or gardens.  As part of our new Bee Wild initiative we’d like to see that number grow and we’ll also be expanding the programme into Bee …

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