Summer at Zetter Townhouse

Boozy ice creams I hear you say? It can only be a new summer offering from the Zetter Townhouse, one of the most pioneering hotel and bar combinations in Midtown.

The owners of The Zetter Group, Michael Benyan, Mark Sainsbury and Jason Catifeoglou, are used to blazing a trail. They were one of the first to open a boutique hotel in Clerkenwell in 2004, The 59-bedroom Zetter Hotel, and since then the streets have been transformed with the addition of bars, restaurants and cool offices that are becoming flooded with tech and creative occupants.

The 13-bedroom Zetter Townhouse was established in 2011 and houses The Cocktail Lounge. The addition of ice creams flavoured by their signature cocktails is just the latest to their evolving cocktail list.

A lively and varied events program is another draw to the Zetter premises, which was launched when Club Zetter opened last summer – by day a co-working space and by night a restaurant and wine bar, as well as the main event space. As well as regular activities such as yoga and live music, events for July include talks on ‘The power of digital diversity’, ‘The truth about anxiety’ and ‘Access to capital’, the last particularly aimed to attract Clerkenwell’s growing community of start-ups.

A year into the events programme and the crowds are drawing in, says Marketing Executive Laura Hannah: “There are so many creative people in the area and the events really reflect that. They’re a way to bring a wide range of people into the hotel and club, they’ve been really successful.”

The events held by Zetter don’t stop there; just as Bee aims to connect people to the history of Midtown, Zetter has been known to hold cocktail masterclasses that provide that same link. For example, the team recently held a walking tour that explored Clerkenwell’s history surrounding gin, followed by a tasting session.

With yet another drive to bring a new type of clientele to the area, a month ago Zetter launched afternoon tea, of course with accompanying cocktails. Clerkenwell is not known for its afternoon tea offering, but true to form Zetter is keen to start the trend.

The Zetter Group covers all bases, from hotels and restaurants to co-working spaces and walking tours, so there’s no telling what the team will come up with next. For now, we’ll join you in the queue for one of those ice creams.